Remembering John Kelly, 4th Annual LaborFest Hawai’i (2015)
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Maka’ainana translates to “people of the land” or commoners, here Ray used the term to correlate to “working class” in the age of capitalism. Lōkahi refers to “harmony” and “balance,” in this case referring to people coming together for a purpose. Kūʻē is to oppose or resist, in this case, to oppose colonialism or capitalism.



2013 LaborFest Hawaii Handouts from Ray Catania, Part I

Link to packetHawai’i Labor History Handout from Ray Catania


Page 1. Hawai’i and International Workers Day
Page 4. How Labor Day replaced International Workers Day
Page 5. 12 June 2013.”Walmart is doing right by the employees, economy, environment”. Garden Island Newspaper.
Page 6. Katy Rose, Kip Goodwin, Ray Catania responses
Page 7. 13 August 2013. “Walmart’s War Agains Unions”, Huffington Post
Page 8. Pacific Beach Hotel workers win 10 year struggle for union rights and ILWU contract
Page 9. Hawaii’s local workers not passive
Page 10. 03 February 2011. “Employees picket Po’ipu resort over benefits”. Garden Island Newspaper.
Page 11. 26 February 2010. “DHS workers brace for another round of layoffs”. Garden Island Newspaper.
Page 15. 09 July 2009. “State workers brace for uncertain future.” Garden Island Newspaper.
Page 16. Governor Linda Lingle, DHS, and HGEA.
Page 17. Alegado, D. 26 November 2012. Blood in the Fields: The Hanapepe Massacre and the 1924 Filipino Strike. Positively Filipino.
Page 33. Debunking the demeaning “plantation mentality” myth.

2013 LaborFest Hawaii Handouts from Ray Catania, Part II

Link to packet: Handouts from Ray Catania at LaborFest Hawaii 2013


Page 1. Catania, R. (n.d.). Fire from the basement: Roots of Revolt “Island Style”. Essays, letters, and rants from Puhi, Kauai. With Guest Poetry by “Blu Dux”, the “Distancing”.
Page 2. 09 September 2013. Before you say NO, KNOW GMO. Blue Shirts.
Page 5. Shaping Today’s Global Capitalism. Ruthless Bully, Shape Up Walmart.
Page 6. Workers’ rights are human rights.
Page 7. Blatantly Political Use of CPS: From a CPS Worker in Hawaii.
Page 8. Statement of support of Councilman Hooser’s Bill 2491 on GMO pesticide disclosure.
Page 11. The power of “Sabau” – Ma’ili, Oahu, the Summer of 1965.
Page 13. Dr. Hidalgo, Leilehua High School, Senior Year 1967-1968.
Page 15. Protecting Wailua led to our arrests.
Page 16. “Distancing”
Page 17. Dedication to Van

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Who was Bill Bailey?

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Soli Niheu

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