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On May 1st, 2016 LaborFest Hawaii participated in the Global Labor Film Festival along with the following countries:

Barre, Vermont: May 22: How Green is My Valley; Old Socialist Labor Party Hall
Campinas, Brazil: May 04: Greediness; Brazilian International Labour Film Festival / Mostra CineTrabalho
Honolulu, Hawaii: May 1: Where To Invade Next & Hole Hole Bushi: Hawaiian/Japanese Canfield Songs; LaborFest Hawaii
London, England: May 8 Jose Marti: The Eyes of the Canary; London Socialist Film Co-Op
Marília, Brazil: May 24: Active Life; Brazilian International Labour Film Festival / Mostra CineTrabalho
New York City, New York: May 11: A Bold Peace, Thailand’s Seafood Slaves, & Limpiadores: Workers Unite Film Festival
Santa Cruz, CA: May 1: When Voices Meet; Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival
Washington, DC: May 23: Joe Hill; DC Labor FilmFest

Film Schedule:

1:00 PM: Center for Labor Education & Research: Canefield Songs – Holehole Bushi

New documentary capturing Hawaiian/Japanese plantation history and music.

2:00 PM: Michael Moore’s new film – Where to Invade Next

Subversive comedy in which Moore visits a host of nations to learn how the US can improve.

Mahalo Cosponsors! UNITE HERE, Local 5 – AIKEA; Pride@Work Hawai’i; Center for Labor Education & Research; ACLU Hawai’i; Hawai’i People’s Fund; I.A.T.S.E. -Local 665; Musicians’ Association of Hawai’i; Laura Ruby.

2016 Global Labor Film Festival

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